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MEDIATION is a skills-based occupation for which experience counts. In eight years full-time practice as a mediator/conciliator Babette Smith has accumulated more than 1000 hours of valuable hands-on experience.

Babette specializes in business and family law matters, strata title, farm debt, wills and estates and workplace disputes arising in both the public and private sector. She holds appointments to the following mediation panels:

* Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators (IAMA)
* NSW Legal Aid Commission Family Mediation
* NSW Farm Debt Mediation Program
* Department of Fair Trading - Office of the Mediation Advisor on Franchise
* Department of Fair Trading - Strata Title Mediation
* IAMA panel of accredited mediators in industrial relations

Accredited by the Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators (IAMA), she also acts as a mediation coach for workshops conducted by the Institute and for The Trillium Group.

A graduate of Sydney University (Bachelor of Arts), Babette trained as a mediator/conciliator with LEADR (Lawers Engaged in ADR). Additional training has included many specialised workshops.

Over twenty years in the corporate workforce gave Babette extensive experience in general management, staff management, finance and marketing. Positions held ranged from National Marketing Manager for The Hoyts Corporation to CEO of the NSW Bar Association. In these positions, she acquired financial and business expertise, much experience chairing and/or facilitating meetings, as well as strategic planning and managing staff. Her communication skills are highly developed as evidenced by her authorship of several books (including the groundbreaking "A Cargo of Women" and "Australia's Birthstain") as well as her role as legal columnist for the Australian Financial Review 1997-1999. Collectively, this experience informs Babette's practice in ADR.

Babette holds the statutory appointment of Official Visitor to one of NSW maximum security correctional centres. She is a member of the NSW Health Professionals Registration Board.

In addition, she gives service to the community through appointments to the Women's Advisory Board of the Department of Corrective Services and the Legal Aid Review Committee of the NSW Legal Aid Commission.